Help & FAQ


I'd like Rapportive to do "X".

There is a very good chance that we do too! The best thing to do is to click the 'feedback' link at the bottom of the Rapportive sidebar, and then leave a note of your ideas where others can see and vote on them. We will focus on the features that our users want most.

You only show the contact who wrote the email; can you also show details for the other recipients?

Sure: just hover your mouse over another recipient's name, and we'll look them up.

What links can I add to my profile?

You can currently add links from the following sites to your Rapportive profile (if your favourite site is missing, please let us know):

  • 0Boxer 0Boxer
  • Airbnb Airbnb
  • All Recipes All Recipes
  • Amazee Amazee
  • Amazon Wishlist Amazon Wishlist
  • Amplicate Amplicate
  • Amplify Amplify
  • Angelesia Angelesia
  • AngelList AngelList
  • aNobii aNobii
  • Archinect Archinect
  • AudioName AudioName
  • Bandcamp Bandcamp
  • Bebo Bebo
  • Behance Behance
  • BeKnown BeKnown
  • Beyond the Whiteboard Beyond the Whiteboard
  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • BlackPlanet BlackPlanet
  • Blippy Blippy
  • Blogger Blogger
  • Boomkat Boomkat
  • Care2 Care2
  • Code Project Code Project
  • CoderWall CoderWall
  • Coolspotters Coolspotters
  • CouchSurfing CouchSurfing
  • CrunchBase CrunchBase
  • Dailymile Dailymile
  • Delicious Delicious
  • deviantART deviantART
  • Diaspora Diaspora
  • Digg Digg
  • Diigo Diigo
  • Disqus Disqus
  • Doodle Doodle
  • Dopplr Dopplr
  • DoYouBuzz DoYouBuzz
  • Dribbble Dribbble
  • Drupal Drupal
  • Dwolla Dwolla
  • eBay My World eBay My World
  • Econsultancy Econsultancy
  • EFactor EFactor
  • Epinions Epinions
  • ESPN profiles ESPN profiles
  • .extendr .extendr
  • Facebook Facebook
  • FantasyFootball FantasyFootball
  • Favstar Favstar
  • FlickChart FlickChart
  • Flickr Flickr
  • Flixster Flixster
  • Followgram Followgram
  • Formspring Formspring
  • Forrst Forrst
  • Foursquare Foursquare
  • FriendFeed FriendFeed
  • Friendster Friendster
  • Frype Frype
  • Gadu-Gadu Gadu-Gadu
  • Gdgt Gdgt
  • Geni Geni
  • Get Glue Get Glue
  • Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction
  • Gist Gist
  • GitHub GitHub
  • GoldenLine GoldenLine
  • Goodreads Goodreads
  • Google Code Google Code
  • Google Groups Google Groups
  • Google Knol Google Knol
  • Google Reader Google Reader
  • Google Scholar Google Scholar
  • Google Talk Google Talk
  • Google+ Google+
  • Google+ Google+
  • Gowalla Gowalla
  • Gravatar Gravatar
  • GrooveShark GrooveShark
  • Hacker News Hacker News
  • Hashable Hashable
  • hi5 hi5
  • Huffduffer Huffduffer
  • Hulu Hulu
  • Hunch Hunch
  • Hype Machine Hype Machine
  • Hyves Hyves
  • Idealist Idealist
  • iLike iLike
  • IMDb IMDb
  • IntenseDebate IntenseDebate
  • Issuu Issuu
  • iXimati iXimati
  • Jabber Jabber
  • Joost Joost
  • KickStarter KickStarter
  • Lanyrd Lanyrd
  • Launchpad Launchpad
  • LibraryThing LibraryThing
  • LifeStream LifeStream
  • Lightstalkers Lightstalkers
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn
  • LiveJournal LiveJournal
  • Livemocha Livemocha
  • Mac Profile Mac Profile
  • Masterbranch Masterbranch
  • MatchFWD MatchFWD
  • Meebo Meebo
  • Meetup Meetup
  • Mendeley Mendeley
  • Menéame Menéame
  • Mixcloud Mixcloud
  • mixi mixi
  • Мой Круг Мой Круг
  • Multiply Multiply
  • My LEGO Network My LEGO Network
  • MySpace MySpace
  • Netlog Netlog
  • Ohloh Ohloh
  • Orkut Orkut
  • Pandora Pandora
  • PerfSpot PerfSpot
  • Photobucket Photobucket
  • Photosynth Photosynth
  • Picasa Picasa
  • picplz picplz
  • Pinboard Pinboard
  • Pinterest Pinterest
  • Plancast Plancast
  • Plaxo Plaxo
  • Plurk Plurk
  • Polyvore Polyvore
  • Posterous Posterous
  • Qik Qik
  • QQ QQ
  • Quora Quora
  • Qype Qype
  • Raptr Raptr
  • Ravelry Ravelry
  • Rdio Rdio
  • Readernaut Readernaut
  • Reddit Reddit
  • Renren Renren
  • ResearcherID ResearcherID
  • ResearchGATE ResearchGATE
  • ReverbNation ReverbNation
  • RunKeeper RunKeeper
  • Scribd Scribd
  • Segment Fault Segment Fault
  • Shaun the Sheep Shaun the Sheep
  • Shelfari Shelfari
  • Skitch Skitch
  • Skype Skype
  • Slashdot Slashdot
  • SlideShare SlideShare
  • Smarterer Smarterer
  • SmugMug SmugMug
  • SoundCloud SoundCloud
  • SpaceCamp SpaceCamp
  • Spore Spore
  • Stack Overflow Stack Overflow
  • StackExchange StackExchange
  • StackOverflow Careers StackOverflow Careers
  • StatusNet StatusNet
  • Steam Steam
  • Stick Sports Stick Sports
  • Storify Storify
  • StumbleUpon StumbleUpon
  • Tagged Tagged
  • Tagwhat Tagwhat
  • TakingITGlobal TakingITGlobal
  • TechHui TechHui
  • thesixtyone thesixtyone
  • TimesPeople TimesPeople
  • TripIt TripIt
  • Tripping Tripping
  • Tumblr Tumblr
  • Twitter Twitter
  • TypePad TypePad
  • Userscripts Userscripts
  • Uservoice Uservoice
  • Ushi Ushi
  • Viadeo Viadeo
  • Vimeo Vimeo
  • VisualCV VisualCV
  • VK VK
  • Wakoopa Wakoopa
  • WhatPulse WhatPulse
  • WhoSay WhoSay
  • Windows Live Windows Live
  • WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugins
  • Wordpress Support Wordpress Support
  • Xbox LIVE Xbox LIVE
  • Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger
  • Yahoo Profile Yahoo Profile
  • Yahoo! Profile Yahoo! Profile
  • Yelp Yelp
  • YouTube YouTube
  • Zerply Zerply

Installation & Login

What do I need in order to use Rapportive?

Rapportive works in Gmail and Google Apps Mail. You can install Rapportive if you use one of the following methods for accessing your Gmail:

Does Rapportive work with Google Apps?

Yes! We fully support Google Apps Mail and hosted domains.

Are you sure it works with Google Apps? When I try to log in, I get an error saying "single sign-in feature is disabled for <>"!

This seems to happen for Google Apps Premier and Educational domains. (If your domain isn't Premier or Educational, and you still get this message, please let us know!) Unfortunately Google's error message and instructions in this situation are unhelpful and misleading. What you really want to do is to get your domain admin to enable Federated Login, we have some instructions.

Removing Rapportive

How do I uninstall Rapportive?

First of all: which version of Rapportive are you using?

  1. If Rapportive appears in a narrow column to the right of a conversation, you have the Rapportive extension installed.

    To uninstall in Firefox, go to the Tools menu and select "Add-ons". Click on the Rapportive add-on and click the Uninstall button. Finally, you'll have to restart Firefox.

    To uninstall in Chrome, click on the "spanner/wrench" icon next to the address bar, click "Tools", then "Extensions". (Screenshot) Click on the Uninstall link for the Rapportive extension. Finally, refresh your Gmail tab (no need to restart Chrome).

    To uninstall in Safari, open the Safari preferences, click "Extensions", and click the "Uninstall" button for the Rapportive extension. Finally, refresh your Gmail tab (no need to restart Safari).

    To deactivate in Mailplane, in the preferences menu, click "Accounts", select your account, then go to "Advanced" and uncheck the Rapportive checkbox.

    If you think you might try Rapportive again later, you can temporarily disable the add-on instead of removing it completely: just click "Disable" instead of "Uninstall" (in both Firefox and Chrome). Disabling the add-on has the same effect as uninstalling it — your Gmail will go back to normal and you won't see the Rapportive sidebar any more — but if you want to try Rapportive again, all you have to do is click Enable.

  2. If Rapportive appears in a wide box below every message, you have the Rapportive contextual gadget installed.

    You need to be an administrator of your Google Apps domain in order to remove Rapportive. Please contact the administrator in your organisation if you do not have an administrator account.

    At the top of your Gmail page, click "Manage this domain". Log in if necessary. Rapportive should appear on the Google Apps dashboard. Click through to the service settings for Rapportive, and click the "Delete Rapportive" link at the bottom of the page. Google will ask you for confirmation.

    Please note that it might take up to a few hours for Rapportive to disappear completely. That is a limitation of Google's systems, and unfortunately we can't do anything about it.

If you do decide to disable or uninstall Rapportive, we'd really appreciate you sending a quick email to and suggesting what we could have done better!

Accuracy & Completeness

My information is missing / wrong / outdated. How do I fix this?

When you have Rapportive installed, you can edit the profile for the email address with which you are logged into Rapportive: just click "my profile" at the bottom of any sidebar. You can hover your mouse over any part of the profile to change it. Your changes will instantly be seen by anybody who views your profile on Rapportive.

If you use several different email addresses, hover over the Rapportive menu found at the top of Gmail and select "Claim your email addresses". After checking the email address is valid, Rapportive will ask you if you wish to combine the profiles for both email addresses, or edit them separately. If you have any special requirements, please email and we'll take care of it for you.

In future, we're planning to accept corrections to other people's information too. We're still figuring out the best way to do that.

My contacts are on social networks, but Rapportive can't find them. Why?

For many people we are able to find useful profiles, but for many other people, our search currently fails. If you get "thanks, we're searching" or "we couldn't find anything" errors, please be patient — we are solving a difficult technical challenge, and it will take us a while to make Rapportive perfect.

We are acutely aware of this problem and we are working hard to improve Rapportive. Thank you for bearing with us!


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. You can read it here.

What if I don't want to give you my Gmail password?

We never see your password. We use Gmail's OpenID login system, which means only Google receives your password. All we get from Google is a token that proves you're really you, and a few details (like your name and preferred language).

Aren't you reading our emails?

The contents of your email never leaves your browser, and we never store your emails anywhere. We're finding peoples' email addresses in the browser, and sending those back to our server to look them up.


It doesn't work right, and I have the Better Gmail extension installed.

You can make Better Gmail and Rapportive play nicely together. In Better Gmail's settings, untick the first line, which reads "Remove Ads. Fix Page width. Reposition print button". Now reload your Gmail tab, and all should be well.

When I click "Log in" in the sidebar, the screen goes dark, but nothing else happens.

This is a known problem with the TabRenamizer addon for Firefox. If you have this addon installed, please try disabling it. If you don't, but still have this problem, please let us know!

I logged in, but it keeps asking me to log in again.

Rapportive needs third party cookies enabled. Here's what the option looks like in Firefox on Mac:

Third-party cookies must be enabled for Rapportive to work

I use the GTDInbox extension, and it stopped working after I installed Rapportive.

There's a known compatibility issue with older versions 3.0.17 of GTDInbox. Upgrading to version (or newer) should fix it.

Get to know your contacts, grow your network, and establish rapport.

Add Rapportive to Gmail

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