Rapportive for Fluid (single-site browser)

If you use Fluid on a Mac to create an application for Gmail, you can add Rapportive to your Gmail via a Userscript. However, the experience isn't yet as seamless as in Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Please note that you need to be using the paid-for version of Fluid in order to use userscripts. You can purchase a license from the Fluid website.

  1. Launch the Gmail app you created in Fluid. In the "Window" menu, choose "Userscripts".

  2. Click the '+' button to add a new script.

  3. Copy the entire contents of this box and paste it into the userscript source code box in Fluid:

  4. Double-click the script name and change it to "Rapportive"; double-click the example.com entry under Patterns, and change it to *mail.google.com* (including the asterisks).

  5. Open the preferences for your Gmail Fluid application.

  6. Click "Whitelist".

  7. You can see a list of URLs to which Fluid may browse. Click the '+' button, which adds a blank line at the bottom of the list. Double-click the blank line and type: *rapportive.com*

    Click '+' again, double-click the new blank line, and type: *google.com/accounts*

    These steps are important; if you do not set these values, you will not be able to log in to Rapportive.

  8. Close the preferences and select View → Reload Page.

  9. When Gmail loads, you should see "Rapportive" at the top.

    Try looking at an email from somebody. You should see the Rapportive sidebar where the ads used to be.

    If you run into any problems, please check our help section.